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A career working in the Film and Television Industry has been my lifelong passion, since starting my YouTube channel in 2011. Backed by a broad range of skill sets achieved through my Tertiary Education at RMIT and a wealth of hands on experience crewing in various productions, I am able to outsource myself for most Film Production Roles.


  • Bachelor of Communication (Media) (RMIT University)

  • Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media      (RMIT University)

  • Diploma of Screen and Media (RMIT University)


  • Camera Operator and Field Technician – Kooyong Tennis Classic 2023-ATC Productions

  • Five years as a Freelancer Videographer

  • Hands on Experience in all aspects of Filmmaking - Positions Held:

  • Screenplay Writer

  • Producer

  • Director (AD, 1st AD, 2nd AD)

  • Set Designer/Dresser

  • Costume Designer

  • Continuity Person

  • Cinematographer (D.O.P)

  • Practical Effects/Prop Designer

  • FX Coordinator

  • Production Assistant

  • Camera Operator

  • Assistant Cameraman

  • Editor

  • Foley Artist

  • Actor

  • Data Wrangler

  • Steadicam Operator

  • Gaffer & Boom-Operator

  • Key/Dolly Grip

  • Best Boy

  • Production Sound Mixer

  • Property Master

  • Leadman


  • “Pareidolia” - Producer: Gia Weaver (VCA - Melbourne University)

  • “Trolleyology” - Producer: Natalia Chernaya (VCA - Melbourne University)

  • “Werefoot” - Producer: Daniel Rubera (Buckley Park College) 

  • "Chef’s Meltdown" - Producer Daniel Rubera (RMIT University)

  • "Two Brothers" - Producer Jack Attard(RMIT University)

  • "Flush Dreams" - Producer Hannah Barrett(RMIT University)

  • "Instinct" - Producer Hamza Ipek (RMIT University)

  • "Elisabeth Can't Breathe" Producer Brodie Richards (RMIT University)

  • "The Wardrobe" - Producer Daniel Rubera, Eamon O'Callaghan, Elii Emeghebo, Jade Tyler, Jinyoung Park        (RMIT University)

  • "Leo's Gambit" - Producer Daniel Rubera (RMIT University)

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